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Cooperativa Santa Anita is a savings and credit cooperative based in the small town of Cotacachi in northern Ecuador. It provides savings, loans and other financial services for its members, most of whom are small-scale farmers. It has been working continuously since it was established in 2001 and its activities are focused in the provinces of Imbabura and Carchi. The Cooperativa Santa Anita has around 16,000 members.

What is Cooperativa Santa Anita's mission?

Cooperativa Santa Anita's mission is to 'offer its members quality products and services according to their needs in order to contribute to community development with a focus on the northern Sierra region of Ecuador'. Its vision is to be 'a solid, efficient, competitive and socially responsible co-operative to the community'. Its institutional values are 'solidarity, equality and cultural diversity, honesty and professionalism, respect and transparency'.

What types of financial services does Cooperativa Santa Anita provide?

It provides individual loans, generally for periods of between 12-48 months. Larger loans are repayable over a longer period of time. Loans are typically invested in farming, business and trade. It provides a range of savings accounts for its members, including special accounts aimed at encouraging children and young people to start saving. It also provides other financial services such as life and accident insurance, money transfer, payment of utility bills and bank transfers.

How much interest does Cooperativa Santa Anita charge?

Microfinance institutions (MFIs) charge higher rates of interest for several reasons. Firstly, the administrative costs of making many small loans are much higher than making fewer larger loans; secondly, they take more time assessing the feasibility of applications and thereby reducing risk because borrowers cannot offer traditional forms of collateral nor do they have salaried incomes; thirdly MFIs often operate in geographically remote areas with low population densities and this means that they incur greater operational costs; and fourthly they often accompany loans with a range of training and technical advice. In addition, inflation is generally higher than in countries such as the UK, the inflation rate for Ecuador is shown below. Cooperativa Santa Anita charges borrowers annual interest rates of between 21.50 to 24.50% on a declining balance. There is an interest rate ceiling in Ecuador of 27.50% per annum for loans below US$2,000.

Does Cooperativa Santa Anita provide any training?

The Cooperativa Santa Anita does not provide any training for its clients, mainly because it does not have sufficient financial resources to cover the costs of training. However, it is planning to introduce voluntary training in financial literacy and basic bookkeeping.

Where can I find out more information about Cooperativa Santa Anita?

Through the national microfinance network Cooperativa Santa Anita posts its profile on the Mix Market.


Cooperativa Santa Anita: Basic facts and figures

Full name:


Cooperativa de Ahorro y Credito Santa Anita




Average loan size:



Number of active borrowers:



Proportion of loans given to women:



Gross loan portfolio:



Portfolio at Risk (PAR) at 30 days:



This information was updated in June 2018

Ecuador: Facts and figures




Official language:





16.49 million

Life expectancy at birth:


76.79 years

Adult literacy rate:



Access to improved water source:



Human Development Index ranking:


88 (of 188 countries)




Proportion of adults with a bank account:   51%
Gap between men & women account ownership (% points):   18
Gap between richer & poorer account ownership (% points):   30

Sources: World Bank, CIA World Factbook & Global Findex Database 2017






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