Why is Lendwithcare no longer in association with The Co-operative?

The initial three year partnership between The Co-operative and Lendwithcare came to a close on 30 June 2014.

We are grateful to The Co-operative and its members for the valuable support they have shown Lendwithcare as our launch partner and title sponsor, without them we would not have grown to our current scale, supporting entrepreneurs in ten countries with loans of over £4.6 million. The achievements of our partnership will continue to support lendwithcare.org going forward, not least through the ongoing support of The Co-operative’s members, and as such we are proud to recognise them as our launch partner on our website. Lendwithcare’s first three years have been very successful, due in a large part to support from The Co-operative and its members.

Lendwithcare depends on the generous support of many individuals and organisations without whom we could not continue to operate.


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As well as making loans, you can also support entrepreneurs in developing countries by purchasing some of the beautiful products they make.

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