What is a Lendwithcare Angel?

A "Lendwithcare Angel" is someone who is helping us extend Lendwithcare.org to change the lives of more families living in poverty around the world by making a monthly donation to help cover Lendwithcare.org's operating costs. 100% of the loans made by Lendwithcare.org lenders goes to their chosen entrepreneur, meaning that we need to cover our operating costs through voluntary donations.

We keep our costs to a minimum, but to ensure we are having the greatest impact on poverty we need to promote Lendwithcare.org to a wider audience and we need to monitor the performance of our Microfinance Institution partners, and of course there are costs involved in transferring money overseas and back to our lenders. Anyone can become a Lendwithcare Angel, either by following this link or by clicking on the halo on any lender's profile.


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As well as making loans, you can also support entrepreneurs in developing countries by purchasing some of the beautiful products they make.

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