How is my loan passed on to the entrepreneur?

Once the loan has been fully funded, CARE International UK will transfer funds to the microfinance institution (MFI). The relationship between CARE and the MFIs used is a long-standing and successful one.

The support, training and loan to the entrepreneur would have already been agreed by the MFI in advance of the loan being posted on the website. By doing this the entrepreneur’s plans can proceed without delay with the added benefit that all loans posted are effectively pre-assessed for viability regardless of future funding through This however is not the primary reasons for agreeing a loan in advance of posting on the website. The MFIs’ roles are not only to arrange small loans but to help entrepreneurs by supplying ongoing support and initial business training when needed.

The resources and demand for MFIs services outstrips supply and this is where you make a difference. When you provide a loan you free up the vital financial resources of the MFI, which in turn allows them to provide another loan to another entrepreneur in need. Importantly, the support provided by the MFI does continue throughout the lifecycle of the loan that you and others have now supplied.


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