Loans & Lending

Will I get the money that I lend repaid to me?

How long will it take for loans to be fully repaid?

Does the entrepreneur receive 100% of their loan?

How do you ensure that the entrepreneur gets their loan?

Who bears the exchange rate risk?

How is my loan passed on to the entrepreneur?

Do I get paid interest on the loans?

Does CARE International charge interest on loans?

Do currency exchange rates affect loan repayments?

Do I need to provide financial details when registering?

Can I lend to the same entrepreneur more than once?

Why aren't there very many progress updates?

Why is the first repayment amount on the schedule different?

Can I contact or visit the entrepreneur I support?

Your donations are now doubled!
Your donations are now doubled!

Your donation doubled

From now until 22nd April, your donations will be doubled by the UK government — with the matched funding going to support women farmers in Tanzania so they can increase their income and grow their business as part of CARE's Help Her Live, Learn and Earn campaign.

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ANGEL Angels

Become a Lendwithcare Angel by giving a monthly donation and you will help ensure we can continue to bring lenders and entrepreneurs together for years to come.

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As well as making loans, you can also support entrepreneurs in developing countries by purchasing some of the beautiful products they make.

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