What is team lending?

Team lending lets you make a bigger difference together. You can start a new team, or join an existing one. Once you are a member, you can attribute your loans to your chosen team. Your team can be public or private. You can set up a team in memory of a loved one, as your wedding list, a faith team, university, sports team or simply with like-minded lenders. Anyone can set up a team and invite others to join. If you set up your team as private, lenders can request membership of the team or the administrator can invite them to join, but all members must first be approved by the team administrator before joining.

If you set up your team as public anyone can join without prior approval. For example if you were setting up a team of employees of a company you might want this to be a private team open only to invited members. However, if you were setting up a team in memory of a loved one you might want it to be open to anyone to join.

Members of a team continue lending on their own Lendwithcare.org account but when they make their loan there will be an option to attribute it to a team they are a member of. Members can join more than one team but they can only choose to attribute a specific loan to one team.

If you are setting up a team you still need to have an individual or organisation Lendwithcare.org account to make your loans.


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