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Loans & Lending

Everything you need to know about lending and how the money gets to the entrepreneurs.

Lending Teams

Find out more about how lending teams work and how to join or create a team.

Payments / Withdrawals

All you need to know about how to make a payment to Lendwithcare or withdraw money from your Lendwithcare account.

Microfinance & MFIs

Here you will find a wealth of information about Microfinance and the partners with whom we work.

My Account

Find out more about your Lendwithcare account, including changing the amount of information you receive.

Gift Vouchers

Information about Gift Vouchers, how they can be purchased and redeemed can be found here.


Diverse questions on topics such as working for Lendwithcare and Lendwithcare Angels are answered here.

How it Works

Find out the detail of how Lendwithcare works.

Support Us

100% of loans go to the entrepreneurs. Please consider supporting Lendwithcare with a donation to help us support even more people in poor communities lift themselves out of poverty.

Contact Us

All our contact details, including location, email addresses and phone numbers can be found in this section.

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