Simply Making a Difference Because I Can

West Midlands, United Kingdom

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Simply Making a Difference Because I Can

Team since: 16th Feb 2014

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Simply making a bit of a difference because we can, no political or religious motives, just being human. Join if you want. 41members ( welcome to the 2 new members Steve and Amanda) from a group i started so my lad could understand how lucky we are, we are not rich, we work way too many hours but we do as much as we can to simply make a difference, we are far from perfect, we just do what we can, there are lots of people who have a lot more than we do as a group who do nothing, but we can hold our head up high, we are trying to make a difference, we all (members of the group) are doing just that, this group is like the proverbial " snowball rolling down the hill" My son, who was the motivating factor in setting up this group turned 15 today (1st March) , quite a milestone, but more importantly the group has now helped 4831 Entrepreneurs, had a positive effect in the lives of 15,346, yes 15,346 people and created an amazing 1760 jobs, loans granted is in excess of £40,000 , that's truly mind blowing. We are making so much difference to real people's lives who don't and normally won't have the opportunities in life that we take for granted. Regular readers of my updates realise that I genuinely do struggle to put in to words how proud you all should be of what you have achieved, I do try to but thank you just doesn't sound sufficient (thank you seems such a small word to convey the gratitude you deserve for the huge difference you are making) So on behalf of all the entrepreneur's and their families you have helped and continue to do so, and for the amazing changes you have made and continue to make to their lives, again thank you. You truly are amazing and whatever next year brings do be proud of what you are achieving, remarkable how good people coming together can make such a difference. From my family to yours may I wish you a Happy and Healthy 2018 and hope the New Year brings you everything you deserve, I'm not religious but I defend everyone else's right to their choice, I do however believe in a kind of Karma you reap what you sow - I will now get off my proverbial soap box. If we as a team make as much difference this year as we did last year....... we could grant 5000 loans, helping 25000 people,wow - hardly bears thinking about, definitely no longer a dream, we can actually make this a reality. Simply making a difference , not just because we can ......because we choose to..... Amazing! 10th February and we really are flying - 25000 people helped is looking almost likely, wow!



west midlands

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