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Hogan Lovells

Businesses | london, United Kingdom | Team Since: 05 Mar 2014
28 members | Lent £278,405.66 | 3743 entrepreneurs helped | 0 Angels

Hogan Lovells, an innovative global legal practice, supports Lendwithcare through our global Touch programme, which aims to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals through partnerships with global development organisations. View group

Rotary District 1080

Clubs | Felixstowe, United Kingdom | Team Since: 14 Jun 2012
84 members | Lent £212,557.41 | 26396 entrepreneurs helped | 0 Angels

Rotary District 1080 is one of many Rotary districts worldwide working to make the World and our Communities a better place. Microfinance is one of an extensive range of projects aiming to reduce poverty and disease and to improve education and worl... View group

Atheists, Agnostics and Humanists

Common Interest | Global, United Kingdom | Team Since: 12 Jan 2013
326 members | Lent £190,671.46 | 26423 entrepreneurs helped | 26 Angels

Good without God(s) View group

The Jimmy Choo Foundation Team

Business - Internal Groups | London , United Kingdom | Team Since: 01 Feb 2016
185 members | Lent £171,612.14 | 2352 entrepreneurs helped | 0 Angels

The Jimmy Choo Foundation is a non-profit charitable trust that empowers women through education and enterprise to enhance livelihoods. View group

Advancing Compassion Project

Common Interest | London, United Kingdom | Team Since: 02 Jan 2013
32 members | Lent £152,335.05 | 4071 entrepreneurs helped | 1 Angel

Advancing Compassion Project (ACP) is a public benefit organisation dedicated to promoting innovative solutions helping underserved communities. ACP's ProPhilanthropy Fund supports microfinance projects worldwide: www.prophilanthropy.org View group

Lenders with Scottish Roots

Other | Scotland and the Rest of the World, United Kingdom | Team Since: 09 Oct 2012
191 members | Lent £151,576.35 | 16307 entrepreneurs helped | 16 Angels

People who live in Scotland and for those all over the globe who have a bit of Scottish blood running through them or an affinity with/to/for Scotland. View group

Rotary District 1210

Clubs | Stafford, United Kingdom | Team Since: 24 Jan 2013
43 members | Lent £150,489.01 | 15091 entrepreneurs helped | 1 Angel

Rotary District 1210 includes Staffordshire, Shropshire and part of the West Midlands, one of many Rotary districts worldwide. We believe that Microfinance is an effective way of reducing world poverty in a sustainable way. View group

GLBT Lenders and Friends

Common Interest | Everywhere, United Kingdom | Team Since: 25 Jul 2013
171 members | Lent £98,334.36 | 10116 entrepreneurs helped | 7 Angels

We are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, homosexual, and heterosexual people from all over the world. We are out and proud and know what it is like to face barriers. We are privileged to help our entrepreneurs achieve their own equality. We than... View group

Friends of Edison Investment Research

Businesses | London, United Kingdom | Team Since: 26 Jul 2012
26 members | Lent £64,963.17 | 713 entrepreneurs helped | 0 Angels

Edison, the investment intelligence firm, is the future of investor interaction with corporates. Our team of over 100 analysts and investment professionals work with leading companies, fund managers and investment banks worldwide to support their capita... View group

Kinda Angels

Common Interest | All, United Kingdom | Team Since: 05 Apr 2012
136 members | Lent £61,571.84 | 7920 entrepreneurs helped | 12 Angels

We are like Angel Investors. Except we make no money. So we are KindaAngels. KindaAngels pick a target, spread the word and encourage people to support them. Sometimes we organise KindaFlashMobs which aim to fund an entrepreneur in 24 hours or less. W... View group