Saroun Pum

Prekloung Village, Ek Phnom District, Cambodia

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Saroun has fully repaid her loan of £365.48

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

12 Months

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Saroun Pun is a primary school teacher. She is 29 years old and married with one daughter. She joined the Ek Phnom Credit Union in August 2009. Her husband is a stone mason. With the assistance of two craftsmen, Saroun’s husband is contracted by construction comapnies and others to carve, draw and paint sculptures on houses, buildings, schools and temples. In her spare time, Saroun assists her husband in managing the business. Her husband’s artwork has become quite well known and increasingly in demand. Saroun is seeking loan to buy construction equipment and tools. If their business continues to prosper Saroun and her husband hope that they can purchase a small plot of land for rice production that would provide them with an additional source of income.

loan added: 01 April 2011

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Saroun's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
April 2011 £33.23 £49.54
May 2011 £27.69 £26.14
June 2011 £27.69 £26.94
July 2011 £27.69 £26.58
August 2011 £27.69 £26.33
September 2011 £27.69 £27.49

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