Flavio aguinaldo Vicente jimenez

Zumba, Ecuador

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Flavio aguinaldo needed £1279.07 for his business.

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

15 Months

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Flavio Vicente is a smallholder farmer from near the small town of Zumba in southern Ecuador. As well as looking after the household his wife has a fish farm. They have two daughters who both attend school. Don Flavio specialises in growing coffee. He has around two hectares of land at present. Around four times a year the coffee bushes are weeded. Don Flavio wants to plant another half a hectare of land with coffee. On average he harvests around two tonnes of coffee beans a year from which he makes a profit of around $3,600. He requested a loan to pay labourers to help him weed his land by hand, buy coffee seedlings and also buy equipment.

loan added: 08 August 2018

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Flavio aguinaldo's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2018 £116.28 --
September 2018 £77.52 --
October 2018 £77.52 --
November 2018 £77.52 --
December 2018 £77.52 --
January 2019 £77.52 --

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