Herlinda Ibañez ojeda

Av. Zoilo Huertas Mz C Lote 33 Puerto Pizarro -t, Peru

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Herlinda needed £1288.09 for her business.

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Amount requested:


Repayment term

Repayment term:

12 Months

Activity type

Activity type:

Art / Handicrafts

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MFI partner:


Herlinda is a 45 year old artisan who lives in Tumbes, Northwest Peru. She is married and has a 16 year old daughter who studies at a state school. Her husband works at a shrimp farm in Tumbes. They live in a house that is made of cane and mud- material typical of the region.

Herlinda is a very hardworking and creative woman who has been working for 10 years in designing and making marine crafts. Her workshop is located in her house. She rents a stand at an artisans’ fair on the Puerto Pizarro boardwalk, which is an area where many tourists come to visit the Tumbes mangroves. Every 3 months, Herlinda travels into Lima to buy materials for her crafts. Here, she is able to find a greater variety of supplies and better prices. She works at her stand from 8 AM to 6PM every day, which generates sales of £24 per day and profit of £282 per month.

Given the demand and good influx of visitors in Puerto Pizarro, Herlinda has decided to expand her business to also sell of summer clothing, hats and sandals. For this business, she sells £8 worth of goods daily, and makes a profit of £235 per month. She is very attentive and kind to her clients, and offers them new, high quality products.

Herlinda will use her loan to buy supplies of marine crafts, summer clothes, hats and sandals. She will travel to Lima to buy the supplies for her store. She hopes that the increasing variety of the products she offers will increase her sales and income and she will continue to invest in the education of her daughter so that she will have better opportunities in the future.

loan added: 03 August 2018

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Herlinda's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2018 £117.10 --
September 2018 £97.58 --
October 2018 £97.58 --
November 2018 £97.58 --
December 2018 £97.58 --
January 2019 £97.58 --

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