Rufina Samellon

Pinamungajan, Cebu, Philippines, Philippines

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Rufina needed £3142.14 for her business.

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

36 Months

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Retail - general household items

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Rufina Samellon is a 41-year-old, married with three children. All her children are attending secondary school in different level and two of them are enrolled in a private school. Her husband is Ceferino and they all live in the village of Lamac which is in the town of Pinamungajan in Cebu province.
Fourteen years ago, the couple opened a general store business next to their house. They basically sell basic commodities such as rice, corn, tinned goods, noodles, eggs, condiments, hygienic products and many more.  Since then they were able to improve their business and now they have added slippers, sandals, shoes, animal feeds and farm inputs. Their store is open every day.  Rufina has her mother and one helper to watch over the store whenever Rufina is not around. Once a week they travel to the city to purchase products they sell in their store.  In 2012 the couple purchased a rice and corn milling machine and through this business they employ two operators to operate and assist the farmers with their produce. Lamac is a village blessed with agricultural land and many villagers grow rice and corn to earn a living.  Rufina have her own two fields for growing wet season rice. She employs two workers to take care of her fields.
Rufina is truly an industrious woman, three years ago she opened another livelihood which is a bakery business. At present she employs two bakers, one helper and one driver to deliver her bread to store owners within five villages. The couple also participates in the delivery of bread using their own multi-cab. Her famous saleable bread is called `francis’. In a week they use 15 to 20 sacks of flour for making bread. The couple purchase their baking ingredients at the same time when they purchase their goods to sell in the store. They sell their products in both cash and credit to some of her customers because they are construction and office workers who are paid on a weekly and monthly basis. She earns daily between 6,000 to 10,000 pesos (£85 to £142) cash. Rufina also owns a piggery farm where she looks after eight sows, one boar and 34 piglets. She installed a biogas plant to make use of the waste manure and to avoid foul odour to spread within the locality.
Rufina has been an active member of the micro-finance organisation, LAMAC Multi-Purpose Cooperative for the past nineteen years and has repaid several loans. LAMAC has played an important role for her business to progress even more and she was awarded as one of the outstanding entrepreneur last two years ago. She requested a larger amount of loan last 18th July in order to finance all of her businesses especially her piggery farm. She will purchase bulk of animal feeds to feed her pigs until it is ready to be sold at the market of Toledo. She partnered with a butcher where she regularly supplies five to ten pigs a week. Her brother is watching over her farm and making sure to feed her pigs well.
Rufina and her husband are happy with the outcome of their business and praying that her business will continue to grow even more to continuously provide the needs of her family members and provide employment to more people of her locality. She promises to repay her loan within 36 months.

loan added: 23 July 2018

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Rufina's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2018 £285.65 --
September 2018 £79.35 --
October 2018 £79.35 --
November 2018 £79.35 --
December 2018 £79.35 --
January 2019 £79.35 --

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