Abraham humberto Flores tocto

Las Pitas, Ecuador

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Abraham humberto needed £1679.39 for his business.

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12 Months

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Abraham Flores is a smallholder farmer who lives on the outskirts of the city of Loja in southern Ecuador. Don Abraham is Peruvian but emigrated to Ecuador around 20 years ago as the economic situation in Peru was difficult. He first arrived in the capital Quito and worked for a time as builder, a carpenter and even a courier. After obtaining Ecuadorian citizenship he moved to Loja where he married. He has three children who are all in school. Don Abraham mostly grows maize and sells about 100 square metres worth of harvest every week. He also grows peas which are sold by his wife. In addition he sows alfalfa but this is exclusively for the guinea pigs they raise - guinea pigs are a popular meat in the Andes region of Ecuador and Peru. Don Abraham started growing vegetables, mostly for the household’s own consumption but as it went so well his neigbours allowed him their unused land.  As a mark of appreciation he gifts them some maize each week from his harvest. He reckons his profit from selling maize is around $220 per month. Don Abraham requested a loan to buy several thousand pepper seedlings for ten cents each, tomato seeds, and fertiliser.

loan added: 01 August 2018

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Abraham humberto's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2018 £152.67 --
September 2018 £127.23 --
October 2018 £127.23 --
November 2018 £127.23 --
December 2018 £127.23 --
January 2019 £127.23 --

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