Chao Ly van

Son La, Vietnam

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Chao Ly van

Chao needs just £194.08 to complete his loan

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

24 Months

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Activity type:


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Ly Van Chao is 44 and lives in Moc Chau, a rural district in northwest Vietnam, with his wife and two children both of whom are still at school full time.

Mr. Chao and his wife farm 3 hectares of land that they use to produce tea. They also run a small pig farm with 10 pigs and sell tea and pork to the residents of Moc Chau at the local market.

Altogether, they make a barely adequate income of about $140 a month. but they want to improve the family’s quality of life.

Consequently, Mr. Chao is requesting a loan of $773 to invest in fertiliser to increase his crop yield in the next harvest.

He will pay the loan back in 24 monthly instalments.

Loan added: 13 July 2018

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Chao's loan repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2018 £59.01 Available 01/08/18
September 2018 £24.59 Available 01/09/18
October 2018 £24.59 Available 01/10/18
November 2018 £24.59 Available 01/11/18
December 2018 £24.59 Available 01/12/18
January 2019 £24.59 Available 01/01/19

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