Nuncita Tuyogan

Ronda, Cebu, Philippines, Philippines

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Nuncita needed £1083.46 for her business.

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6 Months

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Nuncita Tuyogan is 46 years old, she has seven children. Four of her children are attending local school in their place called Palanas which is in the town of Ronda in Cebu province. She is married to Alberto who is a 57-year-old fisherman and construction worker. For the last 18 years Nuncita has worked as a fishmonger at the local public market. She buys her stock from fishing port in their village as well as nearby fish ports plus her husband also catches fish. She displays her products using small basin and put ice cubes on it to maintain their freshness. Approximately she can sell around 50 kilos of fish a day and the price depends on the catch of the day.
To increase her sales, Nuncita buys volume of fish products from different fishermen and then distribute it to four neighbouring public markets.  To finance her business, Nuncita applied for a new loan last 29 of June from the MFI, Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative.  She has been a member at her local MFI for five years and repaid nine past loans so far. She will use the loan money to have cash on hand to purchase her daily products to sell and to buy volume of stocks of fish and then distribute to her trusted fish vendors in the market. For every big container of fish products, it will cost between 9,000 pesos (£127) to 12,000 pesos (£169) depending on the type of fish caught.
Nuncita hopes her business will continue to grow even more in the future so she could send her children to higher education and continuously provide the needs of her family. She intends to repay the loan in six months.

loan added: 09 July 2018

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Nuncita's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
July 2018 £98.50 --
August 2018 £164.16 --
September 2018 £164.16 --
October 2018 £164.16 --
November 2018 £164.16 --
December 2018 £164.16 --

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