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Kalomo, Zambia, Zambia

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River Side Group
River Side Group
River Side Group
River Side Group

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

7 Months

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Activity type:

Retail - clothing

MFI Partner

MFI partner:

Microloan Foundation Zambia

The River Side group are based in Southern Zambia and consists of 15 women aged between 22 and 50. Many of these women are married and others widowed, and some of their children attend school. The women of the River Side group run small-scale businesses such as selling salaula (second hand clothes) cooking oil, poultry and fritters. They started their businesses to be financially independent and to be able to support their families financially. Each group member will use their share of the loan to purchase more stock for their stalls. The women are determined to earn enough profit to send all of their children to school, as well as be able to afford more food and other necessities.
Group member Racheal is 35 years old and has three children who go to school. She runs a market stall selling salaula (second and clothes). She will use her loan to order more bales of second hand winter clothing’s which are in high demand this season. From the profits, she hopes to build a stall from which she can work, and to employ people to help with the day to day running of her stall. She also hopes to build a family house.  As a woman she feels proud because she is able to take care of her children through working. The group will repay their loan over 7 months.

Loan added: 03 July 2018

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River Side Group's loan repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2018 £254.43 Available 01/08/18
September 2018 £363.47 Available 01/09/18
October 2018 £363.47 Available 01/10/18
November 2018 £363.47 Available 01/11/18
December 2018 £363.47 Available 01/12/18
January 2019 £363.47 Available 01/01/19

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