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Chipata, Zambia, Zambia

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Mduwa Group needed £2605.57 for their business.

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

7 Months

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MFI Partner

MFI partner:

Microloan Foundation Zambia

The Mduwa group is based in the Chipata district of Zambia. This group is formed of 15 members aged between 24 and 50. Some of the women in this group are married, some widowed and others single. Many of the women have children who are in school, and some take care of orphans who they send to school. They run small scale businesses like markets and grocery stalls. Many of the Mduwa women started their businesses because they wanted to reduce poverty levels in their families. This has been very successful so far, and the group is applying for its sixteenth loan having repaid all the previous ones. Each group member will use her share of the loan to expand their businesses which they hope will increase their profits. 
Group member Magret is 42 years old and is married with 3 children. Two of her children are currently attending school, and Magret hopes that her youngest child will be able to attend when old enough. Magret sells cooking oil in small portions by the road side next to her house. She buys the sunflowers and takes them to a cooking oil making machine which process it into oil. Magret will use her share of the group loan to purchase more sunflowers. She also hopes to use some of the profits that this will bring to buy an oil processing machine for her business so that she can increase her profits even more. Magret started her business about six years ago which has helped her to improve her family’s wellbeing. As a woman she is happy to be financially independent. The group will repay their loan over 7 months.

loan added: 03 July 2018

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Mduwa Group's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
July 2018 £236.87 --
August 2018 £338.39 --
September 2018 £338.39 --
October 2018 £338.39 --
November 2018 £338.39 --
December 2018 £338.39 --

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