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Katete, Zambia, Zambia

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Ulimbe Group needed £2327.63 for their business.

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Repayment term:

6 Months

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Microloan Foundation Zambia

The Ulimbe group is formed of 16 married women who live in Katete, Zambia. The women each have their own children, but also collectively care for orphans, who they fund to attend school. Each member of the Ulimbe group runs a small scale business, selling clothes, food and assorted groceries. Many of the group members started their businesses so that they could provide additional income for their families so that they could send their children to school and improve their daily living. This group has successfully undergone training in business management and are now ready to use their loan to grow their businesses.

Agness is 52 years old and a member of this group. She is married and has 6 children, who all live in the family home in Katete and attend school. She runs a shop selling vitenge (traditional patterned cloth), soap, cooking oil and sugar. Agness started her business 15 years ago and has noticed a significant improvement in her family’s life as a result. She will use her loan to increase her stocks of vitenge, soap, cooking oil and sugar, as well as buying rice and soya pieces to diversify her business. Agness hopes her sales will increase and she will make more profits, which she will use to pay school fees for her children and provide food for her family. The group will repay their loan over 6 months.

loan added: 03 July 2018

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Ulimbe Group's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
July 2018 £211.60 --
August 2018 £352.67 --
September 2018 £352.67 --
October 2018 £352.67 --
November 2018 £352.67 --
December 2018 £352.67 --

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