Efren Bandajon

Sudlon Ii, Cebu, Philippines, Philippines

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Efren needed £492.68 for his business.

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12 Months

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Efren Bandajon is 34 years old and married to Nely (shown in the picture), who is 32 years old. The couple have been running their farming business for over ten years now. They have four children aged between 3 to 13 years old. His family lives in the village of Suldon II in Cebu province. Last month they were able to harvest 400 kg of beans and earn 12,000 Philippine pesos (about £161). From their income, they bought five cans (1,000 pieces) eggplant seeds and start growing them. They plough three different areas of land, two are near to each other and the other one is behind their house. Like many villagers they are permitted to use the land for farming purposes if they share a portion of their harvest with the land owner. Efren has requested his first loan from Lendwithcare’s microfinance partner, Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative, so he has more funding to cover his farming expenses. He will use the loan money to purchase different types of fertilisers and crop protection products to ensure quantity and quality in his next harvest of crops. He will also purchase five cans of tomato seeds and plant these seeds in the land behind his house. In the future Nely and her husband Efren aim to increase their production of crops so they can start saving for their children’s future,
especially in sending them all to college.

loan added: 16 April 2018

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Efren's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
April 2018 £44.79 £29.92
May 2018 £37.32 £40.12
June 2018 £37.32 £40.40
July 2018 £37.32 --
August 2018 £37.32 --
September 2018 £37.32 --

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