MarÍa gloria Tusa fraga

Ibarra, Ecuador

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MarÍa gloria Tusa fraga

MarÍa gloria needs just £975.28 to complete her loan

Amount Requested

Amount requested:


Repayment term

Repayment term:

24 Months

Activity type

Activity type:

Retail - food

MFI Partner

MFI partner:

Co-operative Santa Anita

Gloria Tusa is 39 years old and lives in Pugacho Alto, a neighbourhood in the city of Ibarra. She is a single mother to her 3 children, whom she supports in whatever way she can. For the past 2 years she has been selling avocados. This is a very popular fruit in Ecuador.
Gloria has requested a $2,000 loan to be repaid in 24 months. She will use the money to buy 14,000 pounds of avocados, which will last her for the next 3 weeks.
Because of her experience, Gloria says that selling avocados is an activity with considerable income. Through her earnings she has managed to improve the quality of life for her and her children. 2 years ago their lives were quite difficult. She hopes to increase her sales and that her business doesn’t decline.

Loan added: 10 April 2018

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MarÍa gloria's loan repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
May 2018 £141.84 Available 01/05/18
June 2018 £59.10 Available 01/06/18
July 2018 £59.10 Available 01/07/18
August 2018 £59.10 Available 01/08/18
September 2018 £59.10 Available 01/09/18
October 2018 £59.10 Available 01/10/18

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