Kuyedza Group

Macheke, Zimbabwe

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Kuyedza Group needed £1355.07 for their business.

Amount Requested

Amount requested:


Repayment term

Repayment term:

6 Months

Activity type

Activity type:

Hairdressers / Salon

MFI Partner

MFI partner:


Minor Chabvundura is part of the Kuyedza group. The group consist of three women who undertake various projects. Minor has devoted herself to running a small business in order to support her family financially. Her husband owns a small truck, which he hires out and that is his main income-generating activity. Minor operates a small salon, which is located in her house. She is a hairdresser and also sells weaves, braids and cosmetics. She restocks some of her commodities from neighbouring countries. Realising the need to spread risk and add to her salon income she is also engaged in farming maize. Minor lives in Macheke with her husband and family. She is a mother of one child who does not go to school yet. She is 24 years old and has been running her own business for about 2 years. She will use $300 of their group loan to buy more stocks of braids, weaves and cosmetics to boost her business activity and income.

Please note that Zimbabwe is at present going through a severe economic recession and that there is an additional risk that some of the loans might be delayed or defaulted.  You can find more information here.

loan added: 13 March 2018

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Kuyedza Group's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
April 2018 £123.19 £118.14
April 2018 £205.31 £0.00
May 2018 £205.31 £214.45
June 2018 £205.31 £215.95
July 2018 £205.31 £216.63
August 2018 £205.31 --

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