Care Group Tugirubukire-Rukondo

Muhanda Sector, Ngororero District- Kabaya Branch, Rwanda

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Care Group Tugirubukire-Rukondo needed £3148.55 for their business.

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12 Months

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The Care Group Tugirubukire Rukondo needs this loan to buy a small plot of land to grow sugar cane. This group is made of 30 members: 16 men and 14 women. It was established in 2012 with the help of CARE as a Voluntary Savings and Loans Association, or VSLA. These groups are formed by communities that begin by pooling members’ savings and using these savings to make loans to individual members. Before coming together, they were so poor that they could not even get meals regularly. They struggled to take their family members to the hospital if they got sick. Since joining the group, they have started putting together very small amounts of money for savings. After finding that their savings are not enough for the group members to pursue their small income generating activities, namely farming, they applied for a loan.

Habiyambere Evariste is one of the group members. When he joined the group, he was working for others but now he grows sugar cane and sells it to a collection centre, which takes it to a sugar cane factory. Some of the sugar canes are sold on retail to individuals. He can sell more than 1000 sugar canes. One sugar cane can cost 50-60 Rwandan francs (about 4 - 5 pence).

Each of the group members carries out small income generating activities and they are sure that they will pay back the loan.  This is not their first loan, they have successfully paid back another loan that was given to them. The best thing about it is that each group member is now able to provide food to their families.

These groups are a critical first step towards financial inclusion, but as groups mature, they may seek larger loans and investment than the group can provide. By investing in Care Group Tugirubukire-Rukondo, you are supporting their next step into financial inclusion.

loan added: 07 March 2018

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Care Group Tugirubukire-Rukondo's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
March 2018 £286.23 £286.23
April 2018 £238.53 £239.51
May 2018 £238.53 £249.14
June 2018 £238.53 £250.89
July 2018 £238.53 £251.68
August 2018 £238.53 --

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