Weneber Ermac

Lusaran, Cebu, Philippines, Philippines

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Weneber needed £1649.23 for her business.

Amount Requested

Amount requested:


Repayment term

Repayment term:

6 Months

Activity type

Activity type:

Retail - general household items

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MFI partner:


Weneber Ermac is a 42 year old married woman with three children. Two of her children are attending school, while her youngest child is five months old. She is married to Ernes, who is 41 years old, and both of them run a business at their place in Lusaran, which is in Cebu province. The couple started their business, which is a grocery store, way back in 2004. They sell wide variety of items of groceries, household products, footwear, ready to wear clothes and much more. In 2010, they also started to sell bread.
Weneber employs four regular workers. And on Saturday, which is market day, she hires 8 more people to help them manage their store. It is the busiest day of the week, and many local villagers from the mountains go down and purchase what they need. There are only two big stores in their area that can meet the demands of their customers, and hers is one of them.
Twice a week the couple went to Cebu city to purchase the stock they need to restock the store. Her store is open every day from 5 in
the morning until 7 in the evening. She earns an average income of $200 a day. In the year 2016 Weneber joined Lendwithcare’s microfinance partner Lamac Multi-Purpose Cooperative and applied for a loan. She has received and repaid three previous loans already. Recently, she asked for this
larger loan, which she will use to pay for the repairs on her canter truck, which will cost about 50,000 Philippine pesos (about £700).
Her truck is an essential part of running her business since it is used whenever they purchase large volumes of products from the city. The rest of the loan money will be used to purchase greater quantities of products to sell. Weneber hopes her business will continue to
grow even more in the future, so they can provide for the needs of their children and save for their future. She promises to repay her loan over a period of six months.

loan added: 12 February 2018

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Weneber's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
February 2018 £149.93 £114.70
March 2018 £249.88 £252.85
April 2018 £249.88 £258.18
May 2018 £249.88 £268.57
June 2018 £249.88 £270.45
July 2018 £249.88 --

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