Care Group Twizerane

Nyakiriba Sector, Rubavu District- Mahoko Branch, Rwanda

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Care Group Twizerane needed £1363.38 for their business.

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

6 Months

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CARE Group Twizerane is a voluntary savings and loan group created by CARE Rwanda in 2016. The group is made of 22 women and 8 men. The group needs this loan in order to buy seeds to do good farming of onions, this way, the group members will have money to pay school fees for their children. On average, the group members have five children.  Mrs Epiphanie Nyirabanguka, a group member, explains that they came together after seeing positive change from her neighbours who had joined CARE Rwanda. She attended CARE’s financial literacy program and there, she met other actual group members. They started saving as small as $0.25/week. In the future, they would like to be a registered cooperative, and they would like the members to continue their income generating activities and pay health insurance and school fees for their children. They will repay the loan in 6 months.
These groups are a critical first step towards financial inclusion, but as groups mature, they may seek larger loans and investment than the group can provide. By investing in CARE group Twizerane, you are supporting their next step into financial inclusion.
You can read more about our VSLA work in Rwanda in our news feature here.

loan added: 08 February 2018

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Care Group Twizerane's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
February 2018 £123.94 £94.82
March 2018 £206.57 £209.03
April 2018 £206.57 £213.43
May 2018 £206.57 £222.02
June 2018 £206.57 £223.58
July 2018 £206.57 £224.28

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