Carlos alberto Chisaguano chisaguano

Cariamanga, Ecuador

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Carlos alberto needed £2307.69 for his business.

Amount Requested

Amount requested:


Repayment term

Repayment term:

24 Months

Activity type

Activity type:

Retail - food

MFI Partner

MFI partner:


Carlos Alberto Chisaguano sells snacks, particularly finely sliced plantain chips and beans, from a push cart thoughout the streets of the small town of Cariamanga in southern Ecuador. Don Carlos is married with a young son who attends school and an infant daughter. Don Carlos prepares all the snacks himself at home. The best sales occur during school terms as he can position himself outside of schools and colleges. He begins working at 7 am peeling and frying the plantains, and then makes the salad. This takes around two or three hours. The food is ready to sell at around 11 am. Once ready, he takes his pushbike cart and goes outside to sell. He earns around $750 per month. Don Carlos requested a loan to buy two new pushbike carts, as his wife will work him also. Don Carlos also works as a builder when he finds employment opportunities. He will use the loan to also purchase new tools and equipment.

loan added: 05 February 2018

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Carlos alberto's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
March 2018 £209.79 £169.87
April 2018 £87.41 £90.95
May 2018 £87.41 £94.61
June 2018 £87.41 £95.28
July 2018 £87.41 --
August 2018 £87.41 --

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