Nzungu Group

Marondera, Zimbabwe

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Nzungu Group needed £956.52 for their business.

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

6 Months

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Elizabeth grows vegetables and tomatoes on half a hectare of land to make a living.  She sells her vegetables every two weeks in Mbare (about 80 km away). She has been doing this business for the past 10 years and started it so that she could cover the family’s everyday needs while her husband was away working in the capital, Harare. Elizabeth usually goes to the market with 50 to 60 bundles and she is requesting a loan to help her pay the 2 part time employees she employs to help her water and maintain her garden. Elizabeth is a member of the Nzungu group. The group is based in the same village and all members, except one, sell vegetables. Elizabeth also buys and sells roadrunner birds and goats as a way to raise capital for her business. Elizabeth has 6 children and all of her children have completed their education. Elizabeth has requested $300 to buy fertiliser, chemicals, seeds and to pay her employees who help her to apply manure, watering and mulching her garden.

Please note that Zimbabwe is at present going through a severe economic recession and that there is an additional risk that some of the loans might be delayed or defaulted.  You can find more information here.

loan added: 09 January 2018

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Nzungu Group's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
January 2018 £86.96 £86.96
February 2018 £144.93 £144.15
March 2018 £144.93 £142.52
April 2018 £144.93 £145.52
May 2018 £144.93 £151.38
June 2018 £144.93 £152.44

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