Alejandro Gonzalez cuenca

Catamayo, Ecuador

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Alejandro needed £2408.76 for his business.

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Repayment term:

21 Months

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Alejandro González is 66 and a farmer from an area called El Tambo which is near Catamayo. Don Alejandro is married and has three children aged 18, 14 and 12 respectively. All are in school. His elder son also works as a waiter. Don Alejandro grows maize and cucumber. At present he has just over an acre of land growing cucumbers and almost three acres of maize.  He expects to sell the maize after three months. He sells his harvest directly at the farmer’s markets in Catamayo which are held on Tuesdays and Saturdays. His hard work has allowed him to provide an education for his children and build his own home. At harvest time he has a profit of around $2,400 from the maize alone. Don Alejandro requested a loan in order to buy fertiliser to ensure he has a good harvest, and he needs to contract four agricultural labourers to help him weeding, applying the fertiliser, and later assisting with the harvest.

loan added: 26 September 2017

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Alejandro's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
October 2017 £218.98 £111.04
November 2017 £104.28 £107.80
December 2017 £104.28 £106.64
January 2018 £104.28 £100.20
February 2018 £104.28 £102.97
March 2018 £104.28 £101.80

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