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Harare, Zimbabwe

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Mazviita Group has fully repaid their loan of £1889.31

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6 Months

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After separating ways with her husband and being left alone with 2 school going children, Stembile started a small business selling African attire in South Africa as a way to provide for her family. She had to make sure that her children’s future would not be affected after her divorce. She found this business profitable and in 2014 she joined forces with two other enterprising woman to form the Mazviita group, all from the Dzivarasekwa suburb of Harare. Together with the group, Stembile is now on her 7th loan and the group received a combined loan of $2100.

The three women still in the group inspire each other both in businesses and in their social lives. The group has paid back their previous loans well and has maintained a healthy working relationship with Thrive. The lessons they gained from Thrive training have helped them to expand their businesses especially through budgeting and their savings club.

Stembile Msindo is aged 41 and has three children, one completing his secondary school education. Her ambition is to see that her children complete their education without any hindrances as she believes that education is the best gift she can empower them with. With her loan of $700 she is planning to buy more material for resale in South Africa and bring clothes on her way back to Zimbabwe.

Please note that Zimbabwe is at present going through a severe economic recession and that there is an additional risk that some of the loans might be delayed or defaulted. 

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loan added: 14 July 2017

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Mazviita Group's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
August 2017 £171.76 £144.35
August 2017 £286.26 £0.00
September 2017 £286.26 £282.28
October 2017 £286.26 £287.22
November 2017 £286.26 £282.97
December 2017 £286.26 £279.93

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