Virgie Buscato

Argao, Philippines, Philippines

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Virgie has fully repaid her loan of £1233.95

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Amount requested:


Repayment term

Repayment term:

3 Months

Activity type

Activity type:

Retail - clothing

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MFI partner:


Virgie Buscato is a 46 year old married woman with three children. Her youngest child is in 4th year college. She is married to Florentino and they all live in the village called Casay,  Argao in Cebu province. The couple runs a clothes business in the town’s public market for almost 17 years now. They sell ready to wear clothes, shoes, slippers, bags, school supplies, personal accessories and
household items. Last October, she transferred to a new stall which she rents from the town council for $15 per month. She feels happier because this is safer place to keep and store her products and also because there is a good flow of people passing by on a daily basis.  Virgie has repaid several lonas before and now she has applied for a new loan to buy more products for her new stall and meet demand and offer more variety of items, especially those required for end of school and graduation ceremonies in May. 
She also use a portion of the loan to do decoration to the stall, painting the walls and adding shelves to properly display her products. Virgie hopes her business will continue to grow in the future for this is the main source of income to support her family’s daily expenses. She will repay her loan in 3 months.

loan added: 13 March 2017

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Virgie's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
April 2017 £112.18 £112.18
May 2017 £373.92 £361.39
June 2017 £373.92 £361.03
July 2017 £373.93 £358.37

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