Brelisa Oybenes

Atabay, Hilongos, Leyte, Philippines

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Brelisa has fully repaid her loan of £526.99

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Repayment term

Repayment term:

12 Months

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Activity type:

Workshop / Manufacturing

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Brelisa Oybenes is 36 years old and married with four children who are aged 16, 13, 10 and 5. All of her children are currently studying at the local school. Her family lives in the neighbourhood of Atabay which is in the town of Hilongos, Leyte province. Brelisa and her 36 year old husband, Eduardo, are both engaged in making brooms, baskets and doormats. The products are all made from dried leaves and fibres from buli trees, which is a kind of large palm tree that grows abundantly in the province. A local supplier provides the raw materials while they create the beautifully-designed and durable brooms and other household products. They are assisted by three relatives who work part-time whenever they have a lot of orders. This has been the family’s main source of income for the past 15 years. Brelisa is also a member of the microfinance organisation, Zaragosa Agrarian Reform Cooperative, and has been for last three years where she has already availed and repaid six previous loans. This time the loan she has been granted will be used to purchase raw materials like dried leaves and fibres as well as strings and other necessary tools. The income is intended for the studies of their four children until they finish college. Brelisa wishes to supply the whole province with the best quality brooms someday. She has promised to repay the loan over a period of twelve months.

loan added: 02 January 2012

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Brelisa's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
January 2012 £47.91 £59.13
February 2012 £39.92 £38.60
March 2012 £39.92 £38.25
April 2012 £39.92 £37.81
May 2012 £39.92 £38.96
June 2012 £39.92 £39.31

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