Komivi messan Koffi

Atakpame, Togo

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Komivi messan has fully repaid his loan of £428.50

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Repayment term:

12 Months

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Komivi is a man of 35 years. He is the father to two children of six and two years. Only the eldest is currently in school. Komivi lives in the neighbourhood of Djama-Bas in Atakpamé with his small family. His wife has a job in maintenance. Komivi is a very dynamic man. He holds a degree in photography and reportage, which he obtained after completing a training course at a specialist photography centre. In 2002, he opened his own studio of photography and reportage called ‘Photo-Video Iris’ where he employs two people. Komivi works as a quality photographer and reporter. His services are especially designed for companies and individual customers in his own community. However, recently he has been limited by the amount of working equipment he has. Thus, in order to fulfill the vision he has for his own laboratory, he did not hesitate to seek his first loan for 300,000 West African francs from the microfinance organisation WAGES. This sum will be reimbursed in twelve installments and will provide for the purchase of a camera of high resolution and the accompanying accessories. Komivi hopes that in the not too distant future, the business will ensure the financial prosperity of his family.

Original loan request in French:
Komivi est un homme âgé de 35 ans. Marié à une maintenancière, il est père de 2 enfants dont le premier a 6 ans et le second 4 ans. Seul l’ainé est scolarisé. Komivi habite dans le quartier Djama-Bas d’ATAKPAME avec sa petite famille. Très dynamique, Komivi est un jeune homme titulaire d’un diplôme en photographie et reportage obtenu après une formation suivie dans un centre spécialisé en photographie. Et depuis 2002, il a ouvert son propre studio de photographie et de reportage dénommé PHOTO-VIDEO IRIS où il emploie 2 personnes. Komivi travaille en qualité de photographe-reporter. Ses prestations sont particulièrement destinées aux sociétés et particuliers de sa localité. Mais depuis peu, il est limité par le nombre restreint de ses appareils de travail. Alors dans sa vision d’avoir son propre laboratoire, il n’hésite pas à solliciter de WAGES son premier crédit de 300 000FCFA. Cette somme remboursable en 12 mensualités, servira de ce fait à acheter une camera à haute résolution et ces accessoires. Komivi espère dans un avenir proche, assurer à sa famille une prospérité financière.

loan added: 23 December 2011

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Komivi messan's loan Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
January 2012 £38.95 £47.62
January 2012 £32.46 £0.00
February 2012 £32.46 £31.39
March 2012 £32.46 £31.10
April 2012 £32.46 £30.75
May 2012 £32.46 £31.68

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