A loan from you can change someone's life

People like Naaz Begum are determined to work themselves out of poverty – and a loan of just £15 from you can help them get their business off the ground.

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A loan from you can change someone's life

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Activity type

Hairdressers / Salon

Amount requested


Margaret from the Tipindule group would like a loan to buy hair chemicals and extensions to stock her business

Tipindule needs £50.65, will you help them reach their target?

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Activity type

Improving Sanitation

Amount requested


Phuong wants to improve the hygenic habits of her family by building a new double vault latrine

Chu thi mai needs £527.11, will you help her reach her target?

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Activity type


Amount requested


Gaspar wants a loan to buy farm products and pay laborers.

Gaspar needs £1,026.91, will you help him reach his target?

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