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Original loan requested: £183.10

Houch Pat is 53 years old and married with six children. Her children are aged between 21 and 32 years old and her two older children are married and her four younger children have their own jobs. Houch and her family live in Sorsorpok village, which is in Banon district, Battambang province. Houch and her husband, By Chhoum, are farmers and farm ten hectares of rice paddy. The yield from land provides them with around two tonnes per hectare only. A part of their land will be cultivated twice a year when the government finishes building the irrigation system next year. To supplement their income they also grow chili when they are not farming rice. Since their funds are currently limited they have applied for a loan to buy fertiliser and insecticide for their rice farming. They promise to repay their loan over a period of ten months.

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Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
November 2012 £16.65 £21.67
November 2012 £16.65 £0.00
December 2012 £16.65 £15.97
January 2013 £16.65 £16.44
February 2013 £16.65 £17.07
March 2013 £16.65 £17.02
April 2013 £16.65 £16.68
May 2013 £16.65 £16.96
June 2013 £16.65 £16.75
July 2013 £16.65 £16.91
August 2013 £16.65 £16.64
September 2013 £16.60 £16.09

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