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Lydia Pedraza is 48 years old and married with three children. She also takes care of her eight month old grandson. Her husband, Bobby, is 38 years old and a farmer. They live happily in the rural area of San Francisco, which is situated in the town of Mainit, Surigao del Norte province. Twenty-five years ago, Lydia decided to help her husband provide the daily needs of the family by opening a small grocery store. She set this business up using some savings she had as initial capital. As time passed by, she was able to gradually develop her store and started to offer more types of consumable items to her community. Lydia’s grocery store now sells a variety of products including canned goods, snacks, drinks and condiments. The walls of her shop are now made from concrete while the shelves are made from fine wood. She is assisted by three close relatives who help out whenever she needs to buy new stocks in the nearby town. She is happy because most of her neighbours patronise her store to buy their daily necessities. Lydia has been an active member of the microfinance organisation, Surigao Economic Development Foundation, for six years and has already completed 14 micro loans. She has requested a new loan because she would like to increase the volume of her daily stocks, especially condiments and canned goods. She will also use a small part of the loan for her husband’s farming engagements. The proceeds from the business will be set aside for the needs of her grandson and for her plan to further expand the store. Lydia’s loan is payable over a period of twelve months.

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Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
July 2012 £40.13 £52.25
August 2012 £33.44 £32.14
September 2012 £33.44 £31.52
October 2012 £33.44 £31.59
November 2012 £33.44 £31.80
December 2012 £33.44 £31.46
January 2013 £33.44 £32.39
February 2013 £33.44 £33.62
March 2013 £33.44 £33.54
April 2013 £33.44 £32.86
May 2013 £33.44 £33.65
June 2013 £33.44 £33.01
July 2013 £33.48 £33.32

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