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Original loan requested: £233.75

Ljiljana Acimovic lives alone in her own house. She is retired and receives a pension, which unfortunately is not enough for her to live on. She decided to turn her hobby, collecting jewellery and ornaments, into a business. Sometimes she restructures the jewellery and resells it on and sometimes she sells it compiled alone. Ljiljana has no children and lives alone in a large three bedroom apartment, but she has decided to rent one room to students; this brings in additional income which is always welcome.  She is now much happier because she does not live alone anymore. She needs this Ioan to buy air conditioning for the room she rents. She strives to create even better conditions for her tenants so that they will be satisfied with the services and will stay with her for many years.

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Repayment schedule

Date Expected repayments Actual repayments
July 2012 £21.25 £27.66
August 2012 £35.42 £34.04
September 2012 £35.42 £33.38
October 2012 £35.42 £33.46
November 2012 £35.42 £33.68
December 2012 £35.42 £33.31
January 2013 £35.40 £34.32

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